Next week's screening

Next week is either Naked Lunch or a John Hughes movie, and probably at the paramount.


Films for next time

Naked Lunch - William S. Burroughs book, Cronenberg directed, surreal and about drugs n stuff. 5 - it is the winner!

Even Cowgirls get the blues - woman hitchhike's across country, stays at lesbian dude ranch. Uma Thurman!

George Washington - David Gordon Green, 2000, small town kid wants to be president.

And after thanksgiving is Cache.


Film for three weeks from now

Next week is veteran's day and we will not have a screening. Two weeks from now is the anime Perfect Blue.

Cache - French thriller. Couple find out someone's videotaping their house. 4. It's the winner!

Naked Lunch - Based on the William S. Burroughs book, directed by Cronenburg..about drug addicts, crazy surrealist kind of movie. 3


Film for next week

Izo by Takashi Mise - Remorseless samurai's journey through hell. 4

Peeping Tom - Michael Powell - Serial killer story, man photographs women he kills. 1

Perfect Blue - Animated, awesome. Pop star wants to be an actress - first role about getting raped. Murderous stalker.5 it's the winner!

Julian Donkey Boy - Harmany Karin - Mentally unstable boy (father Werner Herzog). Lo fi video, dogma 95. 1


Film for next week

Next week's film is a special Halloween screening of silent film "Faust" with live musical accompaniment by Emerson Experimental!

Film for two weeks from now: Mulholland Drive - David Lynch's masterpiece about Hollywood, an actress in trouble...


Next Week's Film

La Haine - French film, takes place in one day. Early 20s guy, riot, one of them wants to become gangster. 1996. 2 is the winner!
Z - Political thriller, assassination. 1


Film for next week

Reprise - Norwegien film, fast paced drama, two brothers, aspiring writers, downward spiral mentally. 2 (it's the winner!)

Z - political thriller, politition assassinated in greece. 1